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New regional measures to control the spread of cor, New regional measures to control the spread of coronavirus
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The government has announced specific measures to control the spread of coronavirus. The measures have been coordinated closely with 6 safety regions and come into effect at 18:00 on Sunday 20 September 2020.

The measures apply to the 6 safety regions that are currently seeing the sharpest increase in coronavirus infections. These are Amsterdam-Amstelland, Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Haaglanden, Utrecht, Kennemerland and Hollands Midden.

3 general measures apply to all 6 regions:
Cafés and restaurants must prevent new guests from entering and stop all music after midnight. They are then required to close at 01:00.
Gatherings of more than 50 people are banned. This means, for instance, no parties, receptions or outings for groups of more than 50 people. The restriction applies both indoors and outdoors. There are some exceptions, such as demonstrations, religious gatherings, funerals, and dance and theatre.
Organisers of gatherings of more than 50 people must notify the authorities in advance. An example is a public concert in a park. The notification requirement does not apply to bars, cafés and restaurants, religious gatherings, shops and markets, libraries, cultural venues and similar locations where there is a constant flow of visitors.
In addition to these government measures, the authorities in the Amsterdam-Amstelland region will be taking a number of additional measures in the coming period:
We ask for extra attention to comply with the basic rules and to take measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in public, such as in shops, sports canteens, cafés, restaurants and bars. People should always disinfect their hands upon arrival, and keep a distance of 1.5 metres everywhere. This should be encouraged by the use of arrows and other markers. Shopping baskets should also be counted and disinfected. Visitors to cafés, bars or restaurants should complete a health check in advance and leave their contact details.
We will open public buildings such as libraries, City Offices and swimming pools at certain times of the day exclusively for the elderly and people in poor health. We ask shops and museums to do the same.
We are developing additional public information campaigns and material to better reach target groups including young people, students and people who lack language proficiency.
The corona prevention teams of the public health service (GGD) and cities are providing tailor-made prevention packages for places where many infections occur, such as schools, bars and restaurants, and student associations. They are also entering into dialogue with these target groups.
In order to prevent illegal parties, we preventively close off public places such as parks at night.
We will continue to take measures to prevent overcrowding in public spaces, for example by introducing one-way traffic, closing streets to cars, or restricting the flow of pedestrians at the entrance to the street if it becomes overcrowded.
Enforcement and police officers will continue to carry out targeted checks on places where people gather in groups, such as party and meeting locations, cafés, restaurants and sports canteens.
Basic rules
We emphasise the importance of everyone complying with the basic rules:

Avoid crowds.
Work from home if possible.
Keep a distance of 1.5 metres.
Receive no more than 6 visitors at your home.
If you have possible Covid-19 symptoms, stay at home and get tested by the GGD. If you develop shortness of breath and/or fever, your family members must also stay at home.
And of course: wash your hands, cough and sneeze inside your elbow, use paper handkerchiefs and throw them away immediately.
If you are 70 years of age or older or have existing health problems, be extra careful.

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