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Meet Norway’s 21st Century Viking, Meet Norway’s 21st Century Viking
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Deep in the wild of Western Norway, Espen Hatleskog and his Alaskan Malamute, Fenris, spend their days living like 21st-century Vikings.

From hiking to remote waterfalls to slacklining 1,000 metres above Norway’s glass-like fjords, the duo have attracted a social media fanbase of over 300,000 with their epic adventures across the Norwegian wilderness.

When he’s not exploring Norway’s arctic tundras and wild forests, the bearded Hatleskog — better known on Instagram and YouTube as @pilotviking — re-enacts battle scenes and historic moments with his fellow Vikings @throrrosland, @untamed_valkyrie and @_karthur_, among others.

Their life-like costumes, which include wooden shields, metal armour and animal-skins, bring Viking history back to life, all while inspiring their fans to go on epic outdoor adventures in Norway and beyond.

So, tell us: would you live out your days adventuring like a 21st century Viking?

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