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As part of the neighboring misunderstandings caused by the PiS policy, imagine such a reality:

The United States and Germany, under the pressure of Israel, impose on Poland economic sanctions which mean the closure of western "labor camps" in Stalowa Wola, as it is sometimes described in this forum. The production of rims and other aluminum castings is slowly extinguished and moved to Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine. The export of machines to the western markets with HSW becomes, and Polish transport companies are banned from transporting goods on EU roads. And for a long time to make it so.
Employees of the above-mentioned companies remain at home, with their families without worries or will they spend Sunday together because they will have a whole week off.
Poland is becoming a country of happy people - after 25 years of Western partitions.

Are not you also tempted by the dear voters of PO, N. and the rest to support PiS? This is an encouraging vision, i.e. getting rid of foreign capital from the country that I will vote for the PiS in the upcoming elections. Think about it, do not waste your vote on anti-Poles.

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